Texas Isn’t Following the Baby Name Trends
Olivia is the most popular baby name in America for girls right now, and it's Asher for boys. But leave it to Texas to be a little independent about all that and resist the trends.  It looks like we've got other baby naming ideas in mind.
UPDATE: Father Of Baby Drinking Alcohol in Viral Video Found
The internet was outraged yesterday regarding a viral video that appears to show two adults giving a baby shots of alcohol in a hotel room.  A Facebook user in Tuscumbia, Alabama discovered the video on a discarded SD card and uploaded it to his social media account in hopes of identifying the parents...
Top 5 Baby Names in Texas in 2013
The Social Security Administration just released the most popular baby names for 2013 in Texas. Is your child's name on the list? Hey, I didn't see Amy, Danny, Buddy, Big D or Bubba!

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