Big Bass Bash

The $10,000 Big Bass
It's official: The 101.5 KNUE Big Bass Bash presented by Fairway Auto Center is complete, and in baseball terms, it came down to a full count in the bottom of the ninth inning as we crowned our first-ever Big Bass Bash Champion.
The Biggest Bass in Texas History
At our upcoming Big Bass Bash, we hope to see lots of record breaking big bass. Hopefully, all of you will be there catching those big ole fish. But, what are the biggest bass caught before this Big Bass Bash tournament? How can you ensure you can catch one of these record breaking swimmers?
Remember Bill Dance?
We have our Big Bass Bash coming up and that got me thinking. What do I think about when I think about bass tournaments? One name comes to mind, Bill Dance. Do you remember good ole Bill? Find out how you could be the next Bill Dance.