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Ridiculously Cute Piglet — Chris P. Bacon [VIDEO]
Meet Chris P. Bacon, a ridiculously cute piglet that couldn't even get around on his own, Chris P. Bacon was born with out the use of his hind legs. But veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero came to the rescue by designing a custom wheelchair out of K'NEX building blocks.
Dog Teaches Baby How To Crawl [VIDEO]
Watching your baby learn to crawl is probably one of the best things about being a parent. They start to try and do things on their own, its the first sign of them growing up. What makes it even cuter? When your dog helps teach them how to crawl...
Norman the Sheepdog Rides a Bike! [VIDEO]
Norman the sheepdog is very famous for all the tricks he can do. You might have even seen Norman riding a scooter on the David Letterman show! Norman is working on being a star for sure. I know he has training wheels, but he is a dog you know. This will make you smile, guaranteed.