Danny Merrell

Happy Birthday To My Almost Great Friend – George Strait
George Strait turns 59 today.
The all-time country music record holder of #1 songs.
The man who is considered one of the top 5 country artists of all time.
The legendary performer who almost was a close personal friend of mine...ALMOST.
If I had a dime for every time I kicked myself in the seat of my pa…
Dead Birds Now In East Texas??!!
What is going on here?!!  First Arkansas, then Lousiana, and now at Lake O' The Pines.  Fireworks? Aliens? Lightning? What do you think is the cause of these mass birdicides?  Check out the latest from KLTV.
Hundreds of dead birds discovered in E...
No Pajama Jeans
Here we are, another New Year, more resolutions to be broken.  However, this year, I have a new strategy - start with easy resolutions and work up to the hard ones.  So, resolution number one for week number one -