Free College Tuition Spoiler From President Obama
One of the biggest obstacles people face when thinking about going to college is the cost. President Obama is getting ready for his State of the Union speech on January 20th with a major spoiler - he wants to make community college free for two years...
Amy’s Financial Tip – Plan 529 College Fund
Who are we kidding, saving money?  With the weak economy, unemployment on the rise, the cost of food, utilities, and gas out of control,who can afford to save money these days? Many of us are feeling the squeeze. So a lot of parents are putting that college savings plan on the back burner! My daught…
TAKS Writing Tests Tomorrow
If you don't know by now tomorrow, March 1st, 2011 TAKS (TAKS stands for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skill) are going to be given for the following grades:
Grade 4 Writing (English and Spanish)
Grade 7 Writing
Grade 9 Reading
Do you think that these test really help the kids or do you th…
Most Students Not Ready For College
According to a new study, most students are not ready for college.
Researchers took a look at kids graduating from high schools in the state of Michigan and found that -- in half of those schools -- fewer than 10 percent of the graduates were prepared for higher education. Ouch, read more after the j…