Furry Friend Friday

Husky Head Massage
For this week's Furry Friend Friday video we will see just how much a dog can love a head massage. This Husky pup is in love with having his head pet in just the right way. Watch the ecstasy wash over his face.
Furry Friend Friday – Bear Thief [VIDEO]
This week's Furry Friend Friday video is a shocking and hilarious view of what happens in the night when no one is watching. One hungry bear can't decide exactly what goodie he would like to have from a dumpster. So, he takes the whole thing.
Furry Friend Friday – Cuddling Cat [VIDEO]
This week's Furry Friend Friday video is perfect for this gloomy weather we have here in East Texas today. Who doesn't just want to go home and cuddle up to someone while it is rainy and grey outside? This cat totally agrees with this idea.
Furry Friend Friday – Rubbing Bellies [VIDEO]
Today's Furry Friend Friday is all about getting belly rubs. What more in the world can you ask for but a good scratch on the underside? Watch these adorable furry friends in utter ecstasy from their loving owners getting right to the good stuff.
Furry Friend Friday – Penguin Fails [VIDEO]
Penguins are some of the cutest animals on planet Earth. But, they can pretty darn funny, too. These little guys wearing permanent tuxedos have a funny walk and seem to fall down a lot. For this week's Furry Friend Friday, let's watch these adorable creatures fall and fail.

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