Graduation Gift Ideas
Are you stumped on what to buy all those graduates in your life this year? It may seem like there are a million gift ideas out there, but none are just right for the graduates you know.
Student Takes First Steps At Graduation [VIDEO]
Angeline Lavasseur didn't want to break the time-honored tradition of graduates walking to get their diplomas at graduation.
The 18-year-old girl, who has been confined to a wheelchair throughout her childhood after being born with spina bifida, recently walked across the stage to pick up her di…
Best Trips For Your Graduate – Amy’s Top Picks
It's graduation season and some  seniors are wanting to 'stretch' their new found freedom, and take a trip. Nothing wrong with that right? But some graduates are  set on an unsupervised trips and out of the country trips too!  The last few days we have asked your take on it, and we got some very int…