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Dez Caught it
And it only took half-a-decade for them to come to this conclusion -- a conclusion that anyone with the gift of sight has known since it 2014.
Who Do You Want to See in Super Bowl XLIX? [POLL]
Now that our beloved Cowboys are out of the running for Super Bowl XLIX, we will have to choose another team to cheer on or avoid watching football till next season. Personally, I'm choosing another team to bandwagon for in these last few weeks of the NFL season - but what about you?
Miranda Lambert Gets Stock in the Green Bay Packers
Miranda Lambert hails from Lindale, Texas, which we all know is in Cowboy country when it comes to the NFL. Even if she were to go south a bit, we would expect Lambert to be pulling for the Houston Texans. But now, strangely, the ‘Over You’ singer is actually a shareholder of Wisconsin’s Green Bay P…
111 Million Watched Super Bowl
Super Bowl XLV set a record. An estimated 111 million people watched the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. That tops the 106.5 million who watched the last years game between New Orleans and Indianapolis. More after the jump.
The Five Best Super Bowls Ever [VIDEOS]

The Super Bowl hasn’t always been so super. In fact, throughout the ‘80s and into the first half of the ‘90s many of the games were blowouts the likes of which are rarely seen during the regular season.
We’ve had better luck with Super Bowls lately, and this year’s match-up between the Pittsburgh …