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Granger Smith Trucks ‘Silverado Benchseat’ All the Way to No.1
Congratulations to a long time and good friend of Radio Texas, LIVE! on scoring his very first No.1 single on the Texas Music Chart. Granger Smith is not only one of the hardest working dudes in the Texas scene, he's probably the only guy in it any of us would be cool with our little sister dating -- If he weren't married and expecting his second child, of course.
Earl Dibbles Jr. ‘Country Boy’ Part 2 [VIDEO]
All great franchises get their sequels: "Star Wars," "Back to the Future," "Indiana Jones," "Look Who's Talking." If you aren't up to date on your Earl Dibbles Jr. videos, here we go -- First there was the original "Country Boy" video, followed by the two monstrous music videos "The Country Boy Song," and "Country Boy Love." Rea
‘Dude Perfect’ — Johnny Football’s Got Mad Skills [VIDEO]
2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel was the first freshman to win it. Not only that, he become the first freshman to headline the First-Team All-American squad, and Manziel become the first freshman and the first unanimous selection to win the Manning Award. Now he's done a "Dude Perfect" video, this is a remarkable display of talent.