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Oprah’s Favorite Things For 2014
For years Oprah Winfrey has been unveiling a list of her favorite things that she wants to give or receive during the holidays. When she had her TV show, the entire audience would receive each of the things on her list and the audience basically went crazy especially the year that she gave them all Volkswagen Beetles one year!
Lance Armstrong Confesses To Oprah Winfrey [POLL]
Lance Armstrong confessed to a lot last night during an interview with Oprah Winfrey in regards to doping while competing in the Tour de France and other cycling competitions. Since part 1 of his confession aired, opinions have been stated by fans and viewers and some have actually been changed.
David Letterman Opens Up To Oprah Winfrey During Interview [VIDEO]
I remember watching The Late Show with David Letterman years ago when he and Oprah Winfrey had this feud going on between them because of something that happened during an Academy Awards speech and during a lunch while they were on vacation in the same city one year. All of that has been put behind the pair now and Oprah will be interviewing Dave on an episode of Oprah's Next Chapter that will be
Oprah Has Chosen Her ‘Favorite Things’ for 2012 [VIDEO]
Oprah has chosen her "favorite things" for this year. When Oprah had her talk show, this was the show to watch! And if you were lucky enough to be in the audience, then you hit the jackpot, because Oprah would give everyone in the audience all her favorite things. All 50 items.
Happy Mother’s Day ‘Judds’ Style [VIDEO]
Tonight is the season finale for the reality shows staring the Judds -- This is sure to be a great show with Wynnona's special surprise for Naomi. Are you going to be watching? We dug up 'Mama, He's Crazy" for you to enjoy! (after the jump)
Julia Robert’s Tips to Be An ‘Extraordinary Mom’
Julia Roberts is celebrating Extraordinary Mom's on May7th on OWN, which is Oprah Whinfrey's network.You can find this show on Channel 107 if you are a Suddenlink customer or Channel 269  if you subscribe to DirecTV. She interviews many famous women including Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell and ABC's Christiane Amanpour.  Julia also found inspirational everyday moms who share with her  how to ra

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