Taylor Swift has released her latest single "You Need to Calm Down," from her upcoming seventh studio album, Lover.

The lyrics to "You Need to Calm Down" take a gently mocking stance toward people who pass judgment on others and call them out loudly in public. Swift also asks why people on social media compare women and pit them against each other. The track is pure pop perfection that will be stuck in your head for days to come.

Fans can pre-order the 18-track album Lover now. The album will be released on Aug. 23 with four deluxe editions available from Target. Each edition features two bonus audio recordings which showcase Swift's songwriting process. Fans also will receive a book (each four editions are unique), poster, journal, and lyric book.

Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" Lyrics: 

You are somebody that I don't know / But you're takin' shots at me like it's Patron / And I'm just like damn it's 7 AM / Say it in the street, that's a knock-out / But you say it in a tweet, that's a cop-out / And I'm just like, "Hey, are you okay?"

And I ain't tryin' mess with your self-expression / I've learned a lesson that stressin' and obsessin' 'bout somebody else is no fun / And snakes and stones never broke my bones

So uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh / You need to calm down, you're being too loud / And I'm like uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh / You need to just stop, like can you just not step on my gown? / You need to calm down

You are somebody that we don't know / But you're comin' at my friends like a missile / Why are you mad when you could be Glaad? / Sunshine on the street at the parade / But you would rather be in the dark age / Just makin' that sign must've taken all night

You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace / And control your urges to scream about all the people you hate / 'Cause shade never made anybody less gay

Repeat Chorus

And we see you over there on the internet / Comparing all the girls who are killing it / But we figured you out / We all know now we all got crowns / You need to calm down

Repeat Chorus

"You Need to Calm Down" is the second single from Swift's upcoming seventh studio album, Lover. The new song will have a music video that she will release via Good Morning America on June 17, posting on YouTube immediately after the premiere.

Swift released "ME!" from Lover earlier this spring as the lead single from the album. The song features Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco.

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