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The personal-finance website WalletHub has been tracking and analyzing data for states regarding restrictions related to coronavirus. This month, Texas is ranked 14th in the nation for fewest coronavirus restrictions.

Source: WalletHub

As the months have progressed and more information about the nature of the novel coronavirus is discovered more and more states are easing restrictions in order to return to somewhat normal operations.

The start of the coronavirus epidemic hit the Lonestar State hard leaving many cities to scramble in order to adapt to the restrictions put into place by Governor Abbott.

Over time, Texas has continued to show that restrictions are not something deemed necessary in order to combat the high number of positive cases due to the low number of COVD-19 related deaths.

Source: WalletHub

Even though the State of Texas has improved it's recommendations for limiting the spread of the virus, some still feel that more should be done such as mandating masks be worn which the Governor has left to individual establishments and counties within the state.

As concerning as the rise in the number of positive cases may be to some, others find that the panic which caused the state to shut down in April was unwarranted.

For more information about the latest study by WalletHub including the methodology used to determine which states have the fewest restrictions, click here.

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