There are very few things that I despise more than going to the DMV. Chances are, you've been there before. The never-ending day at the DMV, you finally get your number called and find out that you didn't bring in all of the correct information with you and you will have to return and get back in line again.

According to The Providence Journal, the Rhode Island DMV wants to start charging a $15 fee every time a motorist walks in the door. The DMV thinks they can bring in about $1 million in revenue a year. This plan has already been put in front of the governor just in time for the latest budget request.

The proposed fee would only be added to anyone who shows up to do something they can easily do through the mail or online. For example your license renewal or registration renewal. The DMV would not charge you if it's something you have to do in person.

The only hope we have is that the DMV's in the Ark-La-Tex don't hear about this. We would hate if they were in on this scam too.

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