Not long after hackers made 37 million Ashley Madison accounts public, we can not only see how many users were in each city in America, we now know which ones were the most faithful.

At least online anyway.

Out of the 43,000-plus zip codes in America, there were only three -- yes, three -- without any registered Ashley Madison users. And someone with a lot more time on their hands than me found out which ones those were.

Here they are:

  1. Nikolai, Alaska (99691): Nikolai has a population of 90, zero of whom are registered on the cheating website. found out that of the 90, about 10 to 12 of the residents are students in the town's joint elementary and high school.
  2. Perryville, Alaska (99648): Perryville is surrounded by mountains, the ocean and even an active volcano. Of the town's 113 residents, none were registered on Ashley Madison. But as one resident told Gawker, "There’s maybe roughly 10 households that have internet" in the entire town.
  3. Polvadera, New Mexico (87828): Another one of those places with very limited internet access, Polvadera has a population of 414. And it owns the title as the only non-Alaskan town with no Ashley Madison users.

So, props to the folks in these towns for being faithful to their spouses. At least online. Of course, they're in towns small enough that if they did commit adultery, the entire town would find out pretty soon.