And the most spun songs in Texas according to Texas Regional Radio Report for the past week are...

10. 'Long Way To Get' from Max Stalling 9. 'Five More Minutes' Granger Smith 8. 'I'll Sing About Mine' (The Tractor Song) Brian Keane 7. 'You're Not Looking For' Deryl Dodd 6. ' Girl In A Truck' Kevin Fowler

And The Top 5 after the jump

Up from 7 to number 5. Reckless Kelly with  'I Hold The Bottle, You Hold The Wheel.  Falling from the number 1 spot to 4. Jason Boland 'Outlaw Band' And moving up a spot each Randy Rogers with 'Interstate' and Casey Donahew with 'Let Me Love You' to 3 and 2 respectively.

And the brand new number one song in Texas something that can definitely be attributed to him being with us on Radio Texas, Live this past Saturday and on The KNUE Front Porch (see pic) last Thursday is Brandon Rhyder with the Don Williams remake 'Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good.'

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