Because the holidays are coming up and the electric bill doesn't quit, the need for extra cash is here. This is a good time to get that side hustle lined up, and these are the best ideas.


When it comes to making extra money, it may not be that hard to find the right opportunity.  The biggest trick is finding the time to fit it into your already-busy life.

Some of the best ways to make extra money according to include driving for Uber or Lyft, selling things on Craigslist or eBay, delivering food, renting a spare room on Airbnb, or answering a professional question on sites like JustAnswer.  AND, whatever idea you've been chewing on but haven't acted upon. Yet. offers more ideas.  Like, become a Notary Public.  How many times have you needed something notarized and didn't know exactly where to go?  You could become that lifesaver and get certified by the state for about $100, and then you can charge a fee to notarize documents.  One guy made $1500 a month or more being present at mortgage signings.

Another idea would be doing online surveys, which won't lead to a windfall of money, but you can do them at night while you're watching TV so they're relatively easy to work into your current schedule.

Through companies like Getaround, you can rent out your car.  During those times when it's sitting idle in the garage, you could be making money off of it as long as the insurance and other details are worked out.

Become a coach or referee.  A lot of coaching positions are volunteer, but many are paid and it's something you can do on nights and weekends.  Referees and umpires usually get paid per game, and you don't have to commit to a certain length of time to get going.

Childcare, pet care, house cleaning, and house sitting are good ideas too.  People need help around the house and if you can take some stress off their hands, they won't mind paying you for it.

Oh, and what about making stuff to sell on Etsy?  It's the biggest marketplace in the world for artisans, and a quick search using the word "Texas" brought up tons of products for inspiration.  Some of the vendors you see at First Monday Trade Days are making money on Etsy too.

Possibilities!  And with all of the seasonal opportunities that are about to start springing up around East Texas, this might be the most lucrative time of the year for you.  Good luck.

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