I really do hate when people jump the gun, but look at me now - jumping the gun. Halloween is over a month away, but I am curious about your thoughts on trick or treating this year.

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For many years my neighborhood was full of kids trick or treating. Parents used to drive their kids to my neighborhood because of the amount of houses in it. That has not been the case as of late. The number of kids has dropped dramatically the last five years or so. I feel like parents are more likely to do a home Halloween party now, or just hitting the houses in their own neighborhood. Is that a safe assumption parents?

Truthfully, I have always found Halloween to be a bizarre holiday. Kids are told not to take candy from strangers, except on Halloween. It makes zero sense. I think Halloween is more fun for adults. I know I will certainly be missing the annual Ironsnake Halloween bash at The Machine Shop.

I digress, enough about me - back to trick or treating. Can it really be cancelled? If it is a go, are you planning on letting your kid(s) go Trick or Treating? Look at the bright side, your kids already have a mask to wear.

What about people like me that don't have any children, do you want to hand out candy to a bunch of kids you don't know? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. I also need to know if I need to buy candy or not. Pro tip, do not buy any Halloween candy now, it will never last until October, 31st.

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