A television reporter in Spain has apologized for accidentally using the logo of the fictional Star Wars' Rebel Alliance during a report about al Qaeda.

Following the devastating attacks in Paris, TVE's Jota Abril was attempting to put the events in perspective for his viewers.  Specifically, Abril was discussing the French bombing of the Syrian city of Raqqa.

He explained that Raqqa was one of the first Syrian cities taken by the terrorist group and then pointed to the black symbol of the Rebel Alliance.

Certainly, Darth Vader and the Emperor would agree with Abril's assessment of the Rebels being a terrorist group.  But, this was not the logo he was looking for.

Our hero apologized for the goof on Twitter:

"This morning I confused a logo in an explanation during the program. My own fault. I am sorry if it offended anyone."

Offended? Nah  If anything, Mr. Abril injected a bit of levity into an otherwise tragic event. No apologies necessary.

In fact, his report went viral and Star Wars geeks worldwide have had a blast creating memes surrounding his mistake.

At time of writing, there have been no comments forthcoming from Lord Vader or the Skywalker clan.

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