Sometimes you just need a little something to brighten your day, am I right? 

Well today, I've found just the thing for you. A video of a Vet Tech dancing with a lamb. Yes, the lady and the lamb both dance and leap through the air in slow motion for your enjoyment.

This little lamb has already gone viral! The video has been seen 350,000 times, so now Longview Animal Care and Adoption Clinic are asking you to support your local shelter.

At the latest count the video has been shared over 4,100 times, and has over 400 comments. There's a lot to love about a this little lamb. The comments are definitely worth reading with various people asking if the lamb is available for adoption, commenting how precious it is, and delighting in the joy of happy people at work.

Do you know someone who could use bright moment in their day? Send them this!

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