A TikTok video of the jankiest car I've ever seen driving around in the 806 has gone viral. The vehicle is hauling butt down 50th Street with a smashed back end and missing tires. Ha. It honestly makes me feel a little bit better about the times I've taken back roads to avoid cops when my inspection was expired.

The LPD clearly has bigger fish to fry, so if you've been riding a LITTLE bit dirty, it looks like you're probably safer than you realize.

It's definitely not the first time we've seen some crazy stuff on the roads in Lubbock. From the Cocaine and Hookers car to the idiot that was riding on the back of a car down the highway, and all of the random vehicles in between, nothing shocks us anymore.

Here's yet another vehicle to add to the list of things that make you say "WTF?"

Check out the video below:

Ah yes, Lubbock. We can be a bit ratchet at times. It's what brings us all together. Laughing at weird stuff and then carrying on. It helps get us through the day.

The comments on the video are priceless. Here are some of my favorites:

"Well... it's appropriate for 50th and the interstate."

"Bro trying to get to Los Santos Customs"

"They drove all the way to Plainview like that too apparently"

"And I got pulled over for 2 months expired registrations tag just yesterday."

"Woooooooooowwww nothing was holding them back"

"Why am I not surprised LMAO"

Alright, enough of that silly stuff. Here's to hoping they made it to their destination and that the car made it to the dump.

Which of these Lubbock photos gives off worse vibes?


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