12 year-old Abby Wetherell was mauled by a black bear. Not once, but twice! Abby was jogging on a trail in her hometown of Cadillac, Mich., when she found herself face to face with a black bear. 

After the second attack by the same bear, Abby remembered hearing that if you "play dead" the bear will lose interest. So she played dead, and the bear walked off. She suffered deep gashes and puncture wounds to her thighs and back needing more than 100 stitches.

Here's what Abby told ABC News Sunday:

"I was thinking, I shouldn't have went for this jog. I was thinking, this is it, I am a goner. I see this bear. Oh, my gosh. I start running the way I was coming from. "All of a sudden, the bear stopped me and put me down on ground, scraping me and clawing me."

Abby remained lifeless until the bear finally disappeared back into the woods. She started running toward her grandparents' house screaming and crying for help.

In addition to the gashes and puncture wounds to Abby's thighs and back, the seventh-grader suffered cuts to her face.

"When the bear was attacking me, I couldn't feel it. I was just numb. I don't know how or why but my whole body went numb and when I started getting up it hurt bad."

Abby was taken by helicopter to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, Mich., where more than two hours of surgery were needed to treat her injuries. Abby is finishing her recovery at home and says she's determined not to let her run-in with the bear haunt her.

"It's over. But, I'm not going to go in the woods without anybody. I'm OK and I'll be all right."

Abby is one of at least six people who have been mauled by bears in five states in the past week.

That's a brave girl and pretty smart to boot! Do you know a kid who has shown such bravery? Please share.