There is so much talent in the world right now. Lucky us, we can search the internet and hear it all. We are no longer confined to the dive bars, square dances, and concert halls of only our little towns. We can now know the world's great music. So, hear are three guys you need to know, but might never meet. 

These are just a handful of the amazing musicians and singers that are floating around this world of ours. They are up and coming, and deserve the attention they are getting. So, sit back and enjoy some new music that will sing your soul into happiness.

Enough talk, let's listen.

1. John Moreland

Sure, this guy is from Oklahoma, but give him a chance. With a deep and raspy voice, he sings what your heart couldn't say. The ease and elegance with which he moves around on the guitar strings will let your mind swim with emotion.

(Contains some language not suitable for all ages)

2. Lincoln Durham

This young man is extremely talented. That voice does not seem possible from a man is age. The emotion he bellows out in the lyrics, with his voice, or with that guitar can touch even the coldest of hearts. He will make you say, "Wow."

3. The Magills

These two are the darn cutest couple ever. Their harmonies and on-stage chemistry will make any old stiff foot get up and have a bit of fun. They have surrounded themselves with a great group of musicians that only help make these songs become some of your favorites of all time.