Texas, even though is is huge, is full of talent. Some of the best music coming out lately is from Texas. This great music can help you get through the rest of this week, so here are three bands to help you with that.

Austin is said to be the music capital of the world, so it makes sense that a lot of great bands get there start right here in the Lone Star State. These three in particular are astoundingly good.

If these grooves and awesome tunes don't get you through the rest of this week with a smile, nothing might help you. Take a listen. I promise you'll start relying on them every week to get through.

1. Porter Davis: 'Smack You Back'

2. Sons of Fathers: 'Roots & Vine'

3. Baby Atlas: 'God Don't Let Me Get Old'

There ya' go folks. Now you can skip on through this week with ease. Just let these songs guide you out of the darkness of the work week.