We all know there is something special and unique about being a southerner. We just think, act, and talk a little bit different from everyone else. And, there ain't a thing wrong with it. Here a seven of those differences y'all know we all have. 

Sweet tea, fire flies, big blue skies, the stars at night, rodeos, and so much more come with being a southerner. We are different. We are unique. We all encompass at least five of these seven signs you may be a true Southern woman:

1. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots go with everything. A good pair of jeans tucked into a pair of good cowboy boots is the perfect winter outfit. When summer hits throw on that same pair of boots with your little flirty dress. Heck, where them under your wedding gown.

2. Country Singers

Though every man looks good in a pair of Wranglers snugged tight to their body, country singers have our hearts. Johnny Cash, George Strait, young Waylon Jennings, Barth Brooks, and, well, almost every single one of 'em. Can't get enough of there good looks and smooth voices.

3. Football

Football is king. There was nothing better to do on a Friday night than go see your team play. Everyone was there so you got to see all your friends, the drum line got your shakin' it, and the food tastes so perfect. Rain, shine, snow, or heat; we all were there and loved it.

4. Sweating

Summer time hits and all of us southern women have an endless fight against sweat. Fans are not just an accessory,  they are essential. Who wants to walk around all day with big ole pit stains? Ladies in Texas and all over the south know the struggle with swear.

5. Hair

We love our hair. It is a big part of every southern woman's identity and style. Sometimes, the bigger the better. We fear stray pieces of gum and anything else that would threaten one of our most prized possessions. No matter the woman, we southern women wouldn't know what to do without our precious hair.

6. Cute Phrases

"Y'all" and "Bless your heart," fly from our mouths daily. Nothing is said more by a southern woman than our "Yes Ma'am," "No sir," "Thank you," and "You're welcomes."Bless your heart is used so frequently because it can mean so much. The phrase can say, "I am so sorry." And, it can mean, "Ugh, I wish you'd stop bragging." Either way, we love to say, "Aw ya'll! Bless your little heart!"

7. Tami Taylor

We all want to be Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights. Not just because her husband is a bit of a dream boat. She is almost the perfect southern woman. Hard working, pretty, kind, good family, and strong to her morals and what is right or wrong. She is also funny as all get out at times. Tami Taylor is the goal for every southern woman to strive for.

Well, ain't it right ladies? You know you must relate or have to admit to at least some of these signs. If you did, you can know for sure that you are a true southern woman.