You know, every once in a while a special person comes your way that touches you in so many ways. Last Friday, was one of those moments for me. I am so guilty of chasing my tail around and worrying about things that in the whole scheme of life mean nothing. I spend precious time stressed and fretting about little things -- losing focus on what really matters.

I would like to introduce you to Maddie, a beautiful 8 year old who has the sweetest spirit despite the challenges she faces everyday! She enjoys life moment by moment. This is something I hope to strive for, simplicity and an 'in the moment' attitude. You know, we can't always control all the schedules, deadlines and worries of our lives but we should try to take our  cue from Maddie.

The one thing that Maddie wants more then anything, is to see Taylor Swift! Maddie's dream was realized last night at the Taylor Swift concert at the Century - Tel Center. I want to thank Maddie, for reminding me of what is truly important and to slow down - take a step back and enjoy the ride!

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