Alan Jackson is a real classy guy! Since joining his new label Capital/EMI Records he has made a great first impression! According to CMT.

The entire country music industry was shocked when the news came  out of Alan Jackson's split with his record label, Arista Nashville. After 22 years of hit albums and 34 number 1 hits, Arista Nashville decided to part ways with  More after the jump.

It was a typical Friday for the office workers when Alan Jackson showed up unannounced at Capitol/EMI Records, his new label home. Starting at the reception desk, Alan visited every office, meeting and shaking hands with the entire staff.

Alan Jackson is definitely a star and he has a lot of music left in him. Alan Jackson blends the 'old' country with the 'new', like no other singer can, that's why you hear  a lot of Alan Jackson music on KNUE!