It was the song that hit home with me ten years ago when I watched terrorists fly two planes into  the World Trade Center Towers in New York City.  Alan Jackson's 'Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)' . It spoke to  every emotion I was feeling and probably millions of other Americans were feeling as well. According to The Boot, the song became one of the most successful singles of Alan's  career.

"The song really came out of nowhere in the middle of the night," he recalls. "It was just a gift. I got up and scribbled it down and put the melody down so I wouldn't forget it, and the next day I started piecing all those verses together, thoughts I had or visuals I had."

Alan wrote the song six weeks after that  horrific day, while he was still dealing with his own emotions. The singer, songwriter never intending on performing the song to an audience but was asked to sing the song at the CMA Awards two weeks later.

I will never forget where I was on that fateful day. I had just gotten back home from walking my sweet daughter Chloe to kindergarten. I came into the house through the backdoor and there was this image  on TV the Twin Towers on fire.  I called my husband to tell him what I thought was going on, and in that instant I saw the second plane fly into the second tower. That's when I knew this was not an accident. Two weeks before 9-11, my husband  and I had just returned from a great vacation in NYC.  On our visit we had visited the World Trade Center.

God bless you and your family this Sunday as we remember those that  lost their lives and  risked their lives for others. Never forget! God Bless America!

Watch and listen to Alan;s moving video - 'Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning'