I was so sad when I heard the news that Ann B. Davis, who played Alice on the show "The Brady Bunch," had passed. The news instantly took me back to all those times my brothers and sister sat in front of the TV and watched "The Brady Bunch." We never missed it -- ever.

It also made me think of simpler times and the freedoms a kid has! Never any worries or time schedules, awww that was the "good ole days!"

Oh, and my girlfriend who lived across the street had a maid just like on "The Brady Bunch," and I thought that was so cool and rich!

Here's some videos that feature Alice and I watched them all with a tear in my eye!

This is from the episode where Alice sprained her ankle and the kids were trying to cheer her up because she was having to miss going to a dance with her "Beau," Sam the Butcher.

In this episode, Alive used her "feminine wiles" to soften up a crabby neighbor.

Alice is the best. When Jan wraps her up so she can't move for a school project, Alice keeps doing her duties like the great maid she is.

Remember the scene where Alice gets in the dunking booth? Back then, it was soooo funny!

Here is a video where Ann Davis talks about her character Alice.