I am such an animal lover! I have been since I was born. Growing up in Longview, my family and I lived outside the city limits, so we always had animals roaming around everywhere. We also seemed to be the 'dumping site' for unwanted animals! Of course, we took everyone of those precious creatures in to our family and loved them. At any given time we had several  cats,  dogs, parrots, bunnies, squirrels,  snakes and even lizards!  I remember my brother training the dogs and so I thought I would share some helpful and positive, training tips for you and your dog!Here are three myths that could harm your dog - and alternative approaches that work!

Myth #1 - Dominate your pet

Research shows that fear causes a pet to actually withdraw and can even lead to permanent changes in the animals brain. It's best to work with your pet, not against them.

Myth #2 - Negative Reinforcement Gets Results

Punishment may work for awhile, but it can make your pet nervous. You should show your pet what you expect. When the dog behaves, reward them by speaking to them with a 'good girl' or 'good boy.' This way they won't always expect a treat. But every now and then reward them a treat.

Myth #3 - An Old Dog Can't Learn New Tricks

I learn something new everyday! Dogs are eager for stimulation even into their older years. So give an old dog a try - he just might surprise you!


If you would like to adopt a loving and loyal companion,  please visit your local animal shelter. In Longview visit the Humane Society of North Texas. In Tyler, visit the Humane Society of East Texas. It's a wonderful No-Kill shelter! You might even be waited on by my daughter, Chloe. She is volunteering at the shelter this summer! If you can't adopt a pet, please consider making donations to your local shelter or maybe volunteer!

Find more information on training your dog at Positive Way Dog Training.