With the costs of filling up your gas tank and your grocery cart rising as fast as the HOT East Texas temperatures, your wallet might be feeling a little lighter these days. Here are a few tips that I think are helpful in saving you money this summer! Every little bit counts!Guzzle Less Gas

Tip #1 - Combine Errands! Several Short Rides taken individually can use twice as much fuel as a longer multi-destination trip covering the same distance.

Tip #2 - Optimize Your Route! Try and to map out your quickest route saving you travel time and fuel.

Tip #3 - Travel Light! Travel when traffic is at it's lightest, such as early morning or late at night to avoid wasting time and gas.

Tip #4 - Grab The Nearest Spot! Next time you're in a crowded parking lot, don't just drive around and around for the best parking space. You will burn less fuel if you just park in the first spot you see available. If you have to walk a little further, think of it as getting your exercise.

Tip #5 - Cool Your Car! Use a sunshade for your cars windshield and leave the windows cracked just a little. This way you won't have to blast the air conditioner when you get in the car. You'll be surprised at how much gas this saves!

Summer Grocery Savings

Having a cookout?

Take advantage of the summer's bounty! Compliment your entree with delicious local (in season)homegrown veggies! Brush olive oil on the veggies and put them on the grill! It's cheap, fresh and delicious!

Avoid Pre-Made Foods

I am the worst about buying foods that are convenient, but costly!

Tip #1 - Instead of buying pre-made hamburger patties, buy a value size of  hamburger and make your own.

Tip #2 - Make your own salads instead of reaching for those bagged salads. This will save you a bundle. Make your own potato and pasta salads too.

Tip #3 - Want to save on chicken? Buy a whole chicken and cut it into pieces yourself. I'm still learning this one! Check out this site that gives you the scoop on cutting a chicken yourself!


Tip #5 - When your favorite store has big sales, usually around the holidays, stock up on pantry items!