It's another rite of passage for my daughter Chloe. This is Chloe's senior year and tonight is Homecoming, so that means it's her last high school Homecoming. The only thing is, I didn't realize it was Homecoming.

Yep, imagine how I felt when Chloe texted me from school with this message:

Hardly any girls have a mum! Maybe that will change as the day progresses.

Well that says it all ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially a terrible mother. But with that said, this terrible, forgetful mother, kicked into "turbo mom mode" and started hunting down a mum!

Being last minute, I knew the task was going be a hard one, but I was ready for it. I first called Hobby Lobby who makes Homecoming mums. I got the 'ol "ma'am it's too late to order a mum, you might try a florist". Not what I wanted to hear.( now mind you, I'm doing this as I'm working on the air, so I'm pretty crazy at this point.)

I must have called every florist in Tyler, but to no avail, until one florist gave me the name and number of a lady who makes mums out of her house. It was a long shot, but I went for it. Holding my breath, I called and I got a voicemail. I left, what I'm sure, some wacky  message and then crossed my fingers she would call me back with good news.

Time passed, then passed more and more, til my phone rang and it was my mum lady. I answered and held my breath. Yes! luckily she had a mum and I could come by and get it anytime. Now, granted I paid for this mum, big time, but at this point who cared, I had triumphed!

The lady did a beautiful job and even personalized it with Chloe's name, music notes for orchestra, and even lights!

Never under estimate a mother in "turbo mom mode" right girls!?

So, it all worked out and Chloe can remember back to her Senior Homecoming with a smile! As for me, I think I need some aspirin and a nap!

Happy Homecoming!