After an arduous search and trying every dress in East Texas, we finally found the perfect  prom dress for my daughter, Chloe! Whew, I thought we would never find the dress. It wasn't because there weren't enough dresses to choose from. It was the fact that the dresses were, well, not what you would want your daughter to wear to her senior prom!

We searched high and low for a dress that not only Chloe liked, but one she would enjoy and still could dance and have fun. Oh, and we had to find a dress that my husband and I would approve of, too. If you are a parent and have been shopping for a prom dress, then you know what I'm about to say. Young women these days are very mature and have a lot more curves than in my day (if you know what I mean), but does that mean every dress has to show it?

The majority of the dresses are, well, too mature and revealing. They were either way to short, cut up to the hip, cut low to the belly button, or just plain tacky! Chloe tried on so many and they all made her look 28 years old, that I nearly passed out. I could not believe that every dress was so revealing and sexy.

I realize I'm taking the risk of sounding "uncool" and "old-fashioned" But guess what? I don't care. What happened to letting young ladies look like young ladies and not sex objects?

It seems to be the sign of the times. Our children are so desensitized, they really don't even know what the fuss is all about. My daughter even made a comment while standing there in a low cut mermaid style dress, "I look like Kim Kardashian." Do you get my point?

Besides the inappropriateness of the dress selections, the cost is stupid crazy. We found the majority of dresses priced from $295 to $675! I'm not joking. We lucked into a great sale at Brides and Belles in Tyler! The young lady, Ashli, who helped us was polite, knowledgeable and spent a long time with us to make sure we got everything perfect! Thanks to Ashli at Brides and Belles, you are awesome!

So what do you think about prom dresses these days? Are they too sexy and revealing? Are they age appropriate?