Here's the latest update on the infamous Bernie Tiede of Carthage. Last week, Bernie was transferred from his prison cell in New Boston to the Panola County Detention Center. It seems there may be new evidence that could allow Tiede to go before a District Judge sometime this week -- and he could be released from prison.Tiede, a former funeral home director, was found guilty of killing wealthy Carthage native Marjorie Nugent in 1996 and hiding her body in a freezer. He has been since serving his sentence in New Boston after immediately admitting to the crime.

Tiede is the subject of a 2011 movie made about his life, “Bernie,” that starred Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey and even locals from Carthage.

According to Skip Hollandsworth of Texas Monthly, there has been more information concerning the case from Bernie's latest lawyer, Jodi Calloway Cole. Cole is expected to share new evidence in Tiede's case which could set Tiede free.

Tiede's previous attorney was the popular defense attorney Scrappy Holmes

Cole believes Tiede endured childhood abuse from a family member as a teenager, which may explain why he killed Marjorie Nugent. Tiede met with a psychiatrist who says Bernie has been an “exemplary prisoner since his 1997 arrest,” including teaching health courses to other inmates, joining weekly chapel service and even getting his paralegal certificate though online courses.

Cole will file a writ of habeas corpus, which if granted will allow Tiede to speak out about his previous case and his disagreements about how the case was handled. If Judge Charles Dickerson agrees the statement from Tiede has value, he could be set free on bond while it is decided whether Tiede should receive a new punishment hearing, or be paroled and set free.

The same psychiatrist also wrote in his report that Tiede would most likely never commit an act like that again.

Hollandsworth also reported Tiede was evaluated by a new psychiatrist last week, and if the psychiatrist determines that Tiede would not commit a similar crime and District Attorney Danny Buck Davidson agrees that Tiede's sentence should be shortened, he could even set free.

Tiede has already served 16 years in prison after being sentenced to life in prison by a San Augustine County jury, who convicted him after Davidson successfully was granted a change of venue from Panola County.

Tiede is not eligible for parole until 2027, when he would be 69 years old.

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