The big question of the day this morning on Big D & Bubba, was "would you get a massage from a same sex masseuse?' (I had to look up the correct way to spell masseuse). You know, the person that actually gives you the massage.

Bubba has had some neck troubles this week so his wife made him an appointment to see a masseuse. She texted him the address and name of the masseuse, and Bubba freaked out when it was a guy's name - Kevin.  Bubba says there is no way he will see male masseuse. Big D said that he would let a guy massage him, if his back was hurting bad enough.

So of course, this started the guys going on about using a same sex masseuse. So they asked the listeners. There were tons of different opinions and comments, some were very infatic with their answers.

Me, I'll let anybody that is willing to give me a massage -  give me a massage. I see it like this; that's what they do for a living and there is nothing wrong with either a male or female. But I'm not really modest, so to speak, I just let the professionals do their job!

So let's take a poll East Texas, shall we?