For the few of you who haven't heard, Brantley Gilbert is coming to Tyler on November 12th. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased on or at Baskins located in Tyler and Longview. Everyone around here is so excited, we've been jamming out all week to our favorite Brantley song 'Dirt Road Anthem'. We put together a list of our favorite covers of this song, because these covers are a thousand times better than ours. Enjoy!

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    Just Keepin' It Country..

    But, maybe he should get rid of the dip before he sings next time.
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    These Girls Show The Boys How Its Done..

    Guys, take notes. This is how you sing a country song and rap at the same time.
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    People Of All Genres Love This Song

    Think Andrew Allen can make it a pop hit?
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    The Future Of Country Music..

    Brantley better watch his back...
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    The Cover Heard 'Round The World

    Jason Aldean took his version of this song and turned it into #1, making Brantley Gilbert a household name.