East Texan Heather Brown, who slipped into a coma while giving birth to her son and husband Sean in Afghanistan, has returned home after more than 10 months in the hospital.

According to Sean's post on the 'Bringing Home the Browns' Facebook page, Heather Brown is back in her Gladewater home. She is semi-conscious, according to the post, but the family is hoping for more improvement.

Heather Brown spent months completely unconscious after giving birth prematurely to her son, John Michael Thomas Brown, who will turn 1 year old on Sept. 15. Heather suffered seizures and a major brain bleed after her cesarian section and went into a coma.

Doctors told the Browns that Heather may never wake up from her coma, but months of therapy and stays in different hospitals have resulted in some improvement. Heather first opened her eyes in January and responded to some simple commands while at a hospital in Shreveport. She has at times smiled and responded to John while he has laughed or "talked" while with her.

She later moved to Houston and back to Longview before returning home to Gladewater. The recovery process has slowed since, with Heather not showing as much improvement, but we can only hope her being back in her home -- Sean's prayer and wish all along -- will only help.

Sean says in his latest post he will leave the Facebook page up for people to offer encouragement and prayers. So, it will be unclear how often updates will be provided on Heather's condition, but we will keep an eye on it for you.

If you haven't already, go like the 'Bringing Home the Browns' page. More than 1.4 million people from all over the world have joined the Browns on this heartbreaking but oftentimes a blessed journey.

All of us at KNUE and East Texas extend our love and our prayers to one of our own. God bless you all.