Cat-lovers, the time has come to rejoice. You may soon be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in a cafe full of cats. Purrrrrfection? Yes.

The concept has actually been implemented abroad for many years, but cat cafes are finally coming stateside (hopefully by the end of 2014!). There are two major cities where entrepreneurs are looking for the purrfect location - Oakland and San Francisco.

But really, what could be more relaxing than enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while making a new feline friend?

Essentially, these cafes will have designated areas for cats to play with customers but also separated regions for food ordering/preparation, hand washing stations, litter box space and more. To make the concept even better, the two cafe locations are working with local animal shelters to provide adoptions from the cafe and a temporary cat home for strays. So not only is it therapeutic for cat-lovers, it's also philanthropic!

For extra details and some pictures, check this Huffington Post article out!