Favorite Christmas Traditions
Families all over the world have Christmas traditions that they look forward to each year - whether it be gift exchanging, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling or anything else, it wouldn't be Christmas without it.
‘I Love Lucy’ Christmas Special Coming to TV in Color
More than 62 years ago one of the most beloved shows debuted on television -- "I Love Lucy." To this day, Lucille Ball is one of my heroes! Get ready Lucy fans, because the fun and wacky Ricardos and the whole Lucy gang are getting a fresh look in time for the holidays.
2013 Guide to Watching Christmas Movies
It's 2013 and it's an understatement to say that there are a lot of Christmas movies out there in the world. One of the tough parts about Christmastime is that there isn't enough time to watch all of your favorites - but ABC Family has made it a lot easier to see at least some of them…
Perfect Holiday Candles
Christmas just seems like the time of year when candles should be lit all the time. I mean your house isn't festive if it doesn't smell like it, right?

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