This past weekend, East Texas enjoyed themselves at the annual Tyler Cattle Baron's Gala. Country artist Craig Morgan was the headliner for the entertainment. It was a great night raising money for the American Cancer Society.   Hours later Morgan and his band witnessed a serious car accident on the highway. They were returning to Tennessee from the concert when two semis and a tanker collided in front of the tour bus.

Craig and his band pulled over to render aid to the victims. Morgan and his band members, Jerry Hines and Joey Greer, ran to the scene and helped put out the fires that had broken out. As a matter of fact, Craig Morgan used to be a EMT and served in the military, so he actually put that training into use.

Incredibly, the drivers escaped with only minor injuries.

"He responded and did exactly what he had been taught to do and was a huge help," Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis told News Channel 5. "This is just another example of the kind of guy he is, he loves doing things for others."

Good on ya', Craig!