It's the end of the road for the first of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

It's back to the radio for Catherwood, who along with pro partner Lacey Schwimmer failed to make it past the first round of eliminations.

Several season 12 competitors had struggled Monday night to increase their standings on the leader board, but in the end Mike Catherwood, Wendy Williams and Sugar Ray Leonard came up with the lowest scores.

But my personal Ralph Macchio hung on the the top spot again this week. Go Karate Kid, GO!

When asked how Ralph gets along with his partner, Karina he says "She's fantastic. She's a whip-cracker, there's no rest for the weary. She's pushing me, and I'm embracing being pushed for the most part. Sometimes I'm just so exhausted."

You would have to pick me up off the floor after every dance! Who will be eliminated next week?