Hey Mom and Dad, this Halloween as you go through your little ghosts and goblin's pumpkins, you might want to take out the candies that have landed on the dentist's top 5 worst candy for your child's teeth. Could save you a bundle on those dental bills too.


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First of all you can't even get them in your mouth. But if you do, get ready for some major broken teeth, or least a cavity or two. Relativtly lower in sugar than a lot of candies, but you have it in your mouth longer, and that means cavities. Heck, not to mention the possibility of getting some pretty painful TMJ! Jawbreakers are just that - Jawbreakers!



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Blowpops are a "double" whammy on your kids teeth. Super-sugary coating of a sucker and then it has gum on the inside - trouble. The chance of causing cavities is pretty much like any kind of sucker - the longer it stays in your mouth, the longer the sugar bathes the teeth.



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Or gummy anything for that matter, it's pure sugar sticking on your kids teeth. In fact, gummy bears has about 30 grams of sugar in just 20 bears alone. If you think about it, that is 71/2 teaspoons of sugar - on your teeth. Plus, gummy candy can loosen crowns or other dental work in the mouth.



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NO - not my beloved Tootsie Rolls! Candy like Tootsie Rolls are so sticky they can pull out dental work like a cap or crown just like gummy bears. Tootsie Rolls and candy like it, get stuck in every nook and crannies in the mouth, that's bad, very bad. The long exposure on your teeth, increases the chance for cavities.



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#5 - Starburst

Another candy that sticks to your teeth and dental work. Nine pieces of the candy contain about 22 grams of sugar, basically it's corn syrup and sugar. Too much can ruin your kids mouth. When the sugar changes the pH in the mouth, it leads to a breakdown in the enamel, and the bacteria can cause cavities.


Sorry to be a killjoy, but you can still have some fun on Halloween and enjoy the treats too. Simply brush and floss those little teeth after eating all that sugar and stay away from candies like the ones above.

Now, handling the rush of energy your kids may get from all the sugar - that's up to you.

Happy Halloween!