It's the 30th anniversary of Diet Coke, one of the tastiest inventions ever. Do you remember some of the great Diet Coke ads featuring "hunky men" and their abs? The first sexy Diet Coke ad that featured "Hunky men" aired in 1994. That ad made quite an impression on women everywhere. Does the name Lucky Vanous ring a bell?Vanous played a construction worker who would cool off every day with a Diet Coke. What he didn't know, that a group of women in a nearby office building watched him take a Diet Coke break every day. Still don't remember ladies?

Let's stroll down memory lane and see if we can jog your memory.

I have to admit the name didn't ring a bell for me either, but the commercial does for sure. I will never forget when I saw the Diet Coke commercial. It wasn't the fact that Coca-Cola had a new diet drink, no, it was the hot abs on the stud who was featured in the commercial.

Then in 1998 another Diet Coke ad came along, featuring Robert Merrill as the sexy window washer. This window washer kept some working ladies on time for their 11.30 a.m. appointment for sure.

Let's check out this hunks window washing technique. How 'bout it?

In 2007, Diet Coke caused a storm by letting their their Hunk keep his top on - very disappointing to all us of female fans. But at least Lucky, is back. This time as a Lift Engineer.

Well, to celebrate Diet Coke's 30th anniversary, Coca-Cola decided it was time for an updated version of the hunky ad. Believe me when I say, they didn't disappoint. This time around, it's a gardener rather than a construction worker. By the way, the gardener's name is Andrew Cooper.

I'm up for a look, what do ya say girls?

So what do you think girls? Taking your comments below.