Did you guys see the news stories on some fashion models, that eat tissue and cotton balls to feel full? I was totaled in shock as I read this. A book by a former Vogue editor details the really bizarre ways fashion models use to stay thin.I wouldn't call this bizarre, I would call it sad and a call for help. It seems the tissue and cotton balls swell in your stomach, so you don't feel like eating. The former Vogue editor who reported the practices is Kristin Clements, who was the editor -in-chief of Vogue in Australia.

Clements book, “The Vogue Factor,” takes a look at the dark side of the fashion industry, from starving models on IV drips to photo shopping models to “get rid of bones” and make them appear healthier.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Clements’ sudden leave from Vogue last year, after 10 years as the editor-in-chief of  the magazine, was told it was just part of a “cultural change” at the company. She was replaced by former Harper’s Bazaar editor Edwina McCann.

In the book, Clements discusses how eating disorders are just apart of modeling, but how editors never know what’s really going on with the models they work with. Clements also told ET:

“That’s the insidious part of eating disorders,” Clements told ET. “Unless you’re monitoring someone 24/7, traveling with them, and looking at every calorie they consume, you can’t tell that. You can only tell whether she actually looks sick, the skin pallor and hair.”

Clements also agrees that runway models are usually thinner than the ones used for magazine shoots, and that models that want to be on the catwalk in Paris, usually have to drop two dress sizes from already-skinny frames.

Here's what Clements told ET about her book:

“[It] has a lot of truths about what happens in fashion publishing,” she said. “It’s an honest account of what goes on.”


So is this the decision of the models or should the editor and others in the model industry step in and lay down rules to help these women not starve their bodies?