Which is better? A dog or a cat?

Since time immemorial, or at least since the invention of Facebook, pet owners have fought to prove that one animal is superior to the other.

A video of a puppy playing the piano and singing along to “Who Let The Dogs Out” is a compelling argument for dogs, but a YouTube upload of a cat chasing a cowering Great Dane into a corner and making him cry is a point for the kitties.

Besides social media postings, there are several good arguments for either side. But, lest you think that my lead sentence indicates that I prefer dogs over cats, I will list what I think are the best cat qualities first.

1) Cats are cool. If James Bond were an animal, he’d be a cat. Cats don’t ruffle easily. That is, unless you lace a piece of string with catnip and drag it behind a toy mouse.

2) Cats control people. They can make a human do whatever they want. A human will get up and let a cat out and let the same cat back in 48 seconds later.

3) Cats refuse to be labeled. You can name your cat anything you want, but they all think their name is “Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty”.

And now for the dogs.

1) A dog is your pal. A dog is always your friend even when you’re mad at him. He will stay by your side and fight for and with you. How many of your friends will do that?

2) Dogs will play games with you. Ever tried to play fetch with your cat?

3) Dogs don’t hold a grudge. If you don’t believe me, lock your dog and your spouse in the trunk of your car and come back 15 minutes later and open it and see which one is happier to see you.

There are lots of great arguments for both dogs and cats, but really, what it boils down to is that they’re each great. We have a dog and a cat at our house and love them equally.

Adopt a dog or a cat (or both), and please have them spayed or neutered.

They’ll love you for it. And the happiness that comes from a pet is in a class all by itself.