Opening ceremonies for the Sochi Winter Olympics officially start tomorrow morning, but a few of the events have already gotten underway. Among those Olympians is speed skater Jonathan Garcia of Hughes Springs.

All of East Texas will have there eyes on this young man hoping that he can bring home the gold! Like most Olympians, Johnathan showed signs of greatness and tenacity,  at an early age.

According to KLTV reporter, Bob Hallmark, here's what Johnathan's mother said about her son;

"I remember going to see him the first time he skated. He would fall down and fall down and fall down. His mother said 'Jonathan you need to quit', and he said but I like it mom. So that started it. From then on he would get up do it again," Welch says.

Even though Johnathan missed making the 2010 team, he kept training and kept his dream alive. It paid off, win or lose, Johnathon is a true Olympian!