Summer is here and it is oh-so-sweet! Check out some of my favorite summer treats here!


First things first, this list would be completely wrong if I didn't include snow-cones on it. And with all the snow-cone places in East Texas open now, it's the perfect time to go grab one! And if you are already at home, why not make your own? Crushed ice and your favorite drink or flavored syrup is all you need!

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Fresh-Picked Fruit

You just can't beat the quality of fresh fruits in the summer. Whether it's blackberries off the vine or watermelons from the nearest patch, you won't find a better treat anywhere. Plus, it's always fun to take a trip and go pick your own fruit every once in a while!

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Yes, these are essentially the same thing as snow-cones if you are comparing ingredients, but everyone knows the difference in serving styles is very important. Sometimes you just want to open the freezer and grab your favorite popsicle while you sit outside and enjoy the warm weather, just be careful not to get it all over you!

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