No, today is not a day to celebrate those pesky rodents that tear up your yard, rather it's about chemistry. Remember back to taking high school chemistry and learning about Avogadro's number? In case your memory is a little foggy, read more to find out what Mole Day is all about!

From 6:02 this morning until 6:02 this evening, chemists are celebrating their favorite holiday - Mole Day! Why you ask? Well because that makes the exact time 6:02 10/23 of course.

That time corresponds with Avogadro's number, 6.02 ×1023, which is the number of particles in one mole of an object. A mole is a unit of measurement used to express amounts of a chemical substance in chemistry.

Now I'm sure you all remember learning about moles, but the real question is do you remember how to celebrate? My personal favorite thing about Mole Day is the amount of jokes that are just asking to be told - I'm serious, go Google them. You'll be entertained for days, I promise. But there are plenty of other great ways to celebrate if you're not a big joker - guacaMOLE is always a delicious party food and if you are brave enough to come up with a mole costume, I would be your best friend.

But I think the best way to celebrate might just be to take a little bit of time and dedicate it toward learning something new - whether it's about moles or not!