Sometimes carving the turkey can be a daunting task, especially for first timers. Here are some simple step by step, directions that can help you cut that bird like a pro.   Tip: Be sure to let the turkey rest for at least 25 minutes before slicing: this helps the juices redistribute through the meat, making for a better-tasting turkey.

#1.  Use a carving knife or a chef's knife. The longer the knife, the better it will work, as a long, smooth slicing motion will make for better slices.

#2.  Remove the drumsticks and thighs. Start by pulling a drumstick away from the turkey and using the knife to disconnect the thigh bone from the body. Set it aside to carve later, and remove the second drumstick

#3.  Remove the wings in the same way, where you can see the breast.

#4. When carving, make sure the turkey is lying on its back, breast-side up. Begin with a long horizontal cut at the base of the breast. You might be able to feel where the breast meat ends and the bone begins--cut as close to that area as you can.

#5.  Begin slicing the breast from the top down, working at a slight angle to cut away from the carcass. The horizontal cut at the bottom provides a convenient stopping point, making it easy to finish each cut. Now you can start placing the slices on your serving platter.

#6.  To carve a drumstick, hold one end and slice off one side. Lay it flat on the cutting board and continue carving. Slice each side, turning the drumstick a quarter turn until you've removed all the meat.

#7.   Place the thigh on the cutting board and begin slicing parallel to the thigh bone. Cut into even strips.

Arrange the turkey onto your platter and serve.