According to Taste of Justin Moore has spent much of his touring life on the road with Brad Paisley as a part of the American Saturday Night tour, followed by the H2O Frozen Over tour. In November, the first leg of the H2O Frozen Over tour wrapped, leaving Moore with a feeling he won’t soon forget. More after the jump.

“It’s obvious to me that Brad and the other guys and gals who are in Brad’s position, they don’t get there by accident,” Moore tells Taste of Country. “There’s obviously a method to the madness. Brad, on a personal level, is a great guy, and very, very good to the opening acts like myself and the other guys who were out there when I was. That went from him all the way down to the lighting guys and the monitor guys and the stage guys. Everybody in his crew were just great to be around.”

Justin Moore is maturing with every single he releases. Justin's latest single, 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away' is very well written and Justin delivers the song with such depth and emotion. Check out Justin's music, including his latest hit on  101.5 KNUE.