With the release of Eric Church's album "Chief," country music welcomed a good shot of energy into the arm! With such a powerful album, country music had an artist and songwriter who was loud, raucous and smart with a pen. Eric Church had set a "sound" that he wanted this album to have, compared to his first two:

 “This record, more than anything else I've done, is breathing and alive. There’s a wildness to it. It’s untamed and not very harnessed.”

It's wild, it's smart, and it just works! When you have an album that goes No. 1 and gets tons of accolades before it even has it's first No. 1 single, then you know it's special.

The creation of the album is very interesting. Church took a month off and went to a cabin in North Carolina to work on the album. He honestly didn't have a direction for the album, he just held up in a cabin until he had something. Writers came out and joined him and they just wrote songs day and night.

So, that's just a few reasons why the KNUE "Artist Spotlight" for this week is Eric Church.